Why Integrity Matters When It Comes to Your Sleep

Why Integrity Matters When It Comes to Your Sleep
Planning to order a mattress online soon? Pause your research and listen closely. What you are about to learn could affect the decision of the decade you are close to making.
As a small, family-owned mattress company that’s kept far off the beaten path of the mattress industry for the last ten years, here’s what we’ve learned:
The online mattress industry is a grim war zone. And all is fair—at the customer’s expense.
Many online mattress companies and mattress review sites have clawed their way to the top in a scramble for the biggest buck in the shortest amount of time. With a little research, it is easy to spot this industry’s “winners” and their money-lined pockets: while handing out cash to “overnight” expert mattress bloggers motivated by personal gain, they are simultaneously scurrying to fill out defamation lawsuits over honest reviews. You’ll have to answer for yourself the question of whether or not these companies and review sites truly care about you and your quality of sleep.
Unlike the profit-crazed companies, we run our business and treat our customers like we treat our family: with love and integrity.
Rather than pay a single cent to any publishing company, review site, or blogger, we rely on our customer’s honest reviews for sustenance and growth. Hundreds of thousands of real-life customers choose Bed Boss every time they need a new mattress, and we thank them for it through our commitment to honesty, transparency, and excellent customer service.
Every review you read on our Facebook, Google, or Yelp page belongs to a real customer whose expectations were met or, better yet, exceeded. The full picture is there: us at our best and us at our worst.
Why do we take the hard, honest road at The Bed Boss? Simply put, relationship building.
We believe in forming relationships with our customers, in being there for our customers from day one until infinity and beyond. And because we reinvest our profits into engineering our mattresses to sleep-giving perfection, our prices aren’t inflated with gratuitous advertising costs. This means that we can pass on the savings to them. And you.
At The Bed Boss, we don’t care about rapid, unstable expansion through flashy advertising and paid reviews. What we do care about is sustainable growth. One step at a time, we are building a business that we can be proud of, and decades down the line, we plan on still being here to serve our customers.
Our belief is that by helping our customers get better sleep at a fair and affordable price, we can help them be the best versions of themselves. And together, we can build a better world.
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