About Us

The Original Beds & Bedding Experts

Let’s take a trip down to the memory (foam) lane...

For decades, you basically had one option for buying a mattress: Go to a store and hope for the best. By the late aughts, the world woke up to the sleep-changing power of memory foam and in 2008 we launched BedBoss. Our mission was to help more people than ever enjoy this easy-to-love, easy-to-ship material that's forever transformed bedtime.

With our cutting-edge manufacturing and distribution model, BedBoss products were an instant hit – affordable, shippable and above all, wildly comfortable. We've designed, crafted, and delivered thousands of memory foam mattresses and bedding products all over the world. Over the years, competitors with cute names have popped up like prairie dogs. The ones that interrupt your podcasts and social scrolling with slick videos and big promises.

That’s when we realized it was time to remind the world who we are. BedBoss carries the world’s highest-quality mattresses and sleep products at unbelievably competitive prices. We’re a lean, mean, sleep-loving machine on a mission to help you save money and sleep better. That’s our passion.