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    • (a) Luxurious silk blended cove
    • (b) Gel-infused higher density memory foam
    • (c) Higher density memory foam with plush pillow top
    • (d) Pressure Relieving memory foam featuring contour 9 support
    • (e) High resiliency base foam

    Heir ET Plus

    • (a) Soft cover with premium Tencel Cool Response® treatment
    • (b) Gel quilted into premium Tencel Cool Response cover
    • (c) Traditional, pressure-relieving memory foam
    • (d) High resiliency base foam


    • (a) Gel quilted into premium velour cover
    • (b) Gel memory foam
    • (c) Dunlop Latex
    • (d) Soft high resiliency base foam
    • (e) High resiliency base foam


    • (a) Soft blended cotton fabric
    • (b) Gel-infused memory foam quilted into cover
    • (c) Higher density memory foam
    • (d) Soft base foam
    • (e) Higher resiliency base foam