All About BedBoss Products

Does my mattress really come out of a box?

You better believe it! The Bed Boss mattresses are compressed and vacuumed sealed for shipping convenience.

What's the best way to unpack my new mattress?

Glad you asked! Unpack your bed in a well ventialted area, such as your garage or porch, and give it at least an hour. There can be a slight "new mattress" smell, but fresh air will allow it dissipate quickly.

How long should I wait before moving my mattress to my bedroom?

We recommend at least two hours before bringing the mattress into your living space.

How long does the bed take to return to normal shape?

Your mattress should be decompressed in about 24 hours. This can vary some with the temperature of the room. Warmer climates generally see shorter decompression times.

What can I do to speed up the process and sleep on my new mattress sooner?

You can encourage your mattress along by putting on the floor and dancing on it. (Walking works too. But dancing is more fun.)

What kind of support does my mattress need?

Support your new bed with a firm flat foundation, such as a foundation box, platform bed, or the floor.

What kind of box is best?

The flatter and firmer the better. Box springs are flexible, and this is perfect for an inner spring mattress. But memory foam beds fair better on the flattest and most stable surfaces.

Does my mattress come with a foundation?

No, the Bed Boss beds are sold mattress-only. But we do offer several foundation and adjustable beds to choose from here on our website.

Do you sell foundation boxes?

Yes! See our speciality foundations and adjustable beds here.

Where can I get a new foundation box?

Check out our lineup or visit your local mattress store who will have a variety to choose from. If you bought your Bed Boss mattress from a local retailer, ask for a special price on a solid foundation to go underneath. Mattress stores love to make a deal.

Can I just use my old box spring?

It depends. Remember, the firmer the support the better. If your box spring is dipping, sagging, or has any soft spots, then it would be best to replace it. If it is more than about 8 years old, it's probably time to get a new one anyway.

How can I get the most out of my mattress?

Your mattress from The Bed Boss doesn't require much special care. But there are a few things you can do to enjoy greater longevity.