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    Is a Private Label Mattress Brand Right for My Company?
    3 Ways a Private Label Mattress Brand Can Give Your Brick-And-Mortar Store a Competitive Edge
    Not ready for private label? Try the Bed Boss

    The Bed Boss has over a decade of experience designing, producing, importing, and distributing top bedding brand names. Put our manufacturing knowledge and broad range of skills to work for your retail or wholesale distribution brand.

    Our goal is to bring your personal vision to life—and ultimately to market.

    Whether you are looking to add a single private label mattress to your floor—or a full line of beds—our team is here to help. Our designers will assist you as much or as little as you desire with brand awareness, packaging, product collateral, and graphic rendering of your private label mattress from The Bed Boss.

    Private label mattresses are also perfect for the hospitality sector and individually owned hotels!
    Our specialties include navigating overseas production, quality control, sales trending, logistical support, and anticipating market changes.

    Warehouse program customers can also take advantage of our phenomenal individual package shipping rates.

    We are your source for private label memory foam, traditional mattresses from entry level pocketed coil to super-premium double tufted innerspring, and hybrid beds— plus adjustables, foldable foundation boxes, pillows, linens, protectors, bath mats, and more!


    Experienced and professional, The Bed Boss has worked with major bedding industry players such as Nectar Sleep and DreamCloud. Make your mark in an ever growing and highly competitive market with the highest quality products and efficient knowledgeable service.

    Contact us at info@thebedboss.com.

    The Bed Boss Private Label

    The Bed Boss Private Label

    Making Dreams a Reality

    Impress your potential customers with a wide range of features such as dual massage, adjustable head and foot positions, wireless remote.

    Choose your fabric texture and color add your logo and make it your own.

     FedEx shippable models also available.

    Mattress Types and Materials

    We are ready to help with logistics & support

    Our sales, marketing, shipping and customer service capabilities facilitate hassle-free purchasing for clients.

    The Bed Boss infrastructure is made up of a multi-user logistics facility in the Southeastern US, enabling us to stock your products and fulfill orders in a more timely and cost-effective manner. This provides you with the opportunity to buy in bulk and ship directly to your customers through our warehouse facility, fully supported by The Bed Boss logistics expertise and web-based technology.

    • Order in Bulk
    • Order in Bulk
    • Order in Bulk
    Multi-piece deliveries save an average of 15% off shipping
    Is a Private Label Mattress Brand Right for My Company?

    If you find yourself constantly wanting better margins, more sales, and greater flexibility in your line-up, then creating a private label mattress brand may be the next step for your business.

    Private label mattress and adjustable programs could be a good fit if you:
    • Have multiple retail locations
    • Sell a large volume of other brands' products
    • Plan to sell online via your own website, through Amazon, or other e-commerce channels
    • Have a strong or growing personal brand
    • Are looking to maximize profit margins through volume purchasing
    • Maintain warehouse space and can store and ship your own products as needed

    To take the private label mattress step, you can go down the costly, time-consuming route of building the knowledge and resources to create your own unique line of mattresses, or you can join The Bed Boss private label program to bring your personal vision to life—and ultimately, to market.

    If you are ready to launch a private label mattress brand, do so without the overhead and risk associated with operating a mattress manufacturing venture. The Bed Boss has over a decade of experience designing, producing, importing, and distributing top bedding brand names. We’ve helped companies like NectarSleep and DreamCloud rise to online fame in short time.

    Whether you want to add a single private-label mattress to your floor or a full line-up, our mattress manufacturing experts can help make your concept designs a reality.

    No experience? No problem. We will meet you wherever you are.

    The Bed Boss private label program offers the opportunity to step into a completely new market without the risk involved with manufacturing your own mattresses and sleep products. It’s a lot of work making and distributing mattresses—why not let an established industry leader like The Bed Boss do the heavy lifting?

    Fill out our online form to get in touch today about creating a private label mattress brand backed by The Bed Boss. Still on the fence? There are other ways we can help you grow. Ask about our industry-leading retailer rewards program to find out the many ways we support our valued retailers.

    Partner with The Bed Boss private label team and you will...

    Work with mattress industry experts

    Let’s face it—designing a great mattress that people will want to buy isn’t a skill that can be learned overnight. A strong, innovative private label program gives you the upper-hand by allowing you to work with seasoned professionals who can ensure that your final product is something that consumers will want to sleep on.

    The Bed Boss has over ten years of experience in the ever-competitive mattress industry. We know what it takes to build “it” mattresses, and we have helped fledgling brands transform into top-ten online mattress brands in short time. How do we do it? By doing what we love: setting you on the road to success by building top-notch mattresses and staying true to our family values of integrity, quality, and excellent customer service along the way.

    Have more control over your products

    Don’t get trapped by contracts dictating what you can and cannot show on your floor! By creating your own collection, you can rule all of the merchandising decisions. Not only do you get to choose the materials and features of every mattress, but you also choose the price and receive more direct profit.

    You know your customers and your regional market best, and you should be empowered by the flexibility to customize your line-up to be exactly what you need it to be in a dynamic market. Our private label program enables you to make the best decisions for your customers and business.

    Focus on your brand

    If a business wants to grow, it must develop a strong brand. Why? Because through effective branding, your business will gain recognition and loyalty. The Bed Boss private label program guides you through the process of forming a unique identity through custom logos and marketing materials. By backing your products with a reliable, well-developed brand, customers will come and keep coming back.

    Even if you’ve already spent years working on your brand through local advertising, community outreach, and word-of-mouth, you have the perfect conditions for introducing a new private collection backed by your trusted brand.

    With an expert in-house creative team, The Bed Boss has everything you need to create a brand from scratch. No logo or camera? No problem. Our design professionals will work one-on-one, as much or as little as you desire, to hone your brand to perfection.

    3 Ways a Private Label Mattress Brand Can Give Your Brick-And-Mortar Store a Competitive Edge

    Offer your customers something they can’t get anywhere else

    Do you find yourself constantly price matching or losing customers to nearby stores? Comparison shopping is the easiest it’s ever been, and when dozens of neighboring retailers are selling a few, select mattress brands, most customers buy based on price alone. Why should they opt to pay more for a specific mattress model and brand, when a nearby retailer offers it at a better price?

    If you are struggling to find a competitive edge in a market overrun by “sameness,” then you may want to try offering customers an exclusive, must-have mattress line-up they can’t get anywhere else. Not only will your own private label mattress brand differentiate you from the competition, but it will also be exclusively yours and available only at your shop.

    Benefit from your store’s hard-earned reputation

    Have you spent years building your local store’s reputation by advertising locally, participating in community events, and working hard for word-of-mouth referrals? If so, then it may be time to take your hard-earned name and maximize it by introducing a private label mattress brand to your showroom.

    By introducing your own mattress collection, you can focus on promoting your own brand, which frees you from time spent promoting other brands that may only leave you with shrinking margins. Another benefit is that you get more control over the quality of your private label line-up for better products for your customers. If you’ve worked hard to establish your name in your community, a private label will help you to step up, step out, and step forward.

    Curate a unique shopping experience in-store and online

    As a brick-and-mortar retailer, you have a distinct advantage over the online competition: most mattress shoppers still want to try a bed in store before buying it. Make the most of this by impressing your customers through a unique private label collection display and exclusive discounts on your line-up in store.

    But don’t forget to meet your customers online with a strong online presence! Most shoppers will begin the search for a new mattress on their smartphones, and you can gain back your foot traffic by directing them to your store to try out your unique line-up and receive special discounts.

    Not ready for a private label? Try the Bed Boss

    Even if a private label mattress brand isn’t right for your company at this time, you can still reap the benefits of being a valued Bed Boss retailer.

    Join our family of retailers for:
    • Superior service
    • Consistent, high-quality products
    • Super fast shipping with no minimum orders
    • Incredible monthly specials
    • And the best Rewards Program in the industry!

    At The Bed Boss, we know what it’s like to be a retailer in today’s market, and we want to make it easy for you to succeed. We are a business who cares, and we care about quality like you do. What sets us apart is our commitment to integrity, quality, excellent customer service, and our desire to create loyal, lifelong customers.

    Let us help you get better margins and more sales through our affordably luxurious mattress collection and retailer rewards program. The more you spend, the more you save. You won’t find greater benefits!

    To inquire, contact us below.